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Oh, this guy.

This guy is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my 27 years of life and tomorrow it’ll be 2 years since I said yes to forever living my life with him.

I thought I loved him that day I said “I do” but I didn’t compared to how much I do now. So much love it hurts, sometimes.

I wasn’t too sure about getting married. It terrified me, quite frankly. Then I married him and two years into this thing am I ever convinced.

Convinced that it can be the most beautiful and precious thing on earth.

Convinced it can be a thing of safety, consistency, and joy (and you are all of those things to me).

Utterly convinced two people can be wonderfully passionate about each other.

Convinced a husband can simply be your best friend and closest confidant.

Convinced ordinary, everyday stuff isn’t a drag but rather comforting and very needed in the rush of life. (And is in fact my favorite part of life with you.)

Convinced a marriage can be a great team. About us Bob Isabell said: “One will put a thousand to flight…but two of you TEN THOUSAND” and Charlie Sweet: “You are both very powerful separately, but together you are a mighty team” and I believe every word.

Convinced marriage can be the best, most accurate picture we have here on earth of God’s desire for a close relationship with us.

I am convinced what we have goin’ on is absolutely a little piece of heaven on earth.

Ryan, you are hard working, creative, intelligent, and the most non-judgemental person I know. In fact, I have never heard you say one bad thing about another person. Not one. That’s someone I want to hang around…that’s someone I want to be married to.

In the craziness of life, you are my home and my safe place; the one I gladly end my day with.

Ryan, your kindness is softening my sharp edges, your love is playing a part in healing my heart and your consistency and faithfulness has shown me, a little more, of who my Great God is. 

I not only look forward to the future with you, I can’t wait.

Here’s to the next 2, 20, 40…however many years we have left together. No matter how long, it won’t be long enough, I know that.

Happy 2 years, Ry.

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  • whitney bronson says:

    This is so beautiful Brit! Thank you for sharing! I just reading these! Happy Anniversary you guys! Love yall

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