Everest Judah

December 11, 2016. Not much happened that day the way I would have preferred other than you. At 3:42pm, you came into our world and beautifully wrecked havoc on my ability to keep it together. When your Dad told me “It’s a boy,” that’s where it started. Tears. I had none of that “mother’s intuition” they talk about. If I… Read more →

For all the Mamas of little ones…

Down the road from us, there’s a farm. Actually, there are a few farms on our road but this particular one has sheep. Whenever they’re out, I stop and turn the stroller so Everest can see them grazing. I point and say “sheep” a dozen times as us moms do, overly ambitious about hearing our baby utter their first word.… Read more →

My Journey through the Gospels

Matthew. Mark. Luke. John. Some people already know what these four books are. They’re what we call the Gospels – the first four books in the New Testament. They’re all about the life and ministry of Jesus and honestly, I don’t know how many times I’ve read them. Anytime I open up to them, I get this “been there, done that”… Read more →

Dear Baby…

Since we found out, I’ve been thinking a lot about you. I didn’t have an over-the-top emotional moment with your Dad the evening of the positive test. No tears were shed. No screaming or jumping around. Don’t get me wrong, you were very much wanted but, frankly, I didn’t believe it. There’s really a teeny, tiny little person in me? No way. What… Read more →

Hitting Pause

I took some time to pause this morning. It’s been a busy few weeks. Two Saturdays in a row of traveling for us. Two Saturdays in a row of funerals for precious people -one from my family and one from Ry’s.  It’s interesting that, although these two men were intelligent and successful, the attributes that struck me to the core while we celebrated their… Read more →


Oh, this guy. This guy is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my 27 years of life and tomorrow it’ll be 2 years since I said yes to forever living my life with him. I thought I loved him that day I said “I do” but I didn’t compared to how much I do now. So much love it hurts, sometimes.… Read more →