On catching our breath

Have you ever been kicked in the gut? OK, maybe not actually kicked in the gut but have you ever had something hit you so hard or you fell far enough that you got the “wind knocked out of you”?  You know that feeling? What’s even worse, sometimes, is when things happen in life that don’t actually knock the wind out of you… Read more →

Tucked Away

I’m not sure why, but it happens every time I move. Throughout my five years of college, I moved multiple times as most college students do. Started off living at home, moved in with some more family, rented an apartment with a friend, rented a house with another friend, moved back home for a bit, rented from my sister and… Read more →

One Hit Wonder? No thanks.

A few weeks ago, I heard my pastor ask a question. I’ve wanted to write about it ever since as it’s something I like to read, talk, and journal about. The question was:   Do you want to be a “One Hit Wonder” or a person of longevity and endurance in your walk with Jesus? One Hit Wonder A One… Read more →

half way and challenged

Half Way and Challenged

Monday is June first. Only 5 short months ago did we shout “Happy New Year!” with plans to live 2015 well. Now, we’re almost half way into this year that still feels new to me.   Do you like how you lived your first half? How do you want to end the second?   In the quiet, secret place of just me and the… Read more →


If you could see my library of un-finished blog posts you’d see about eleven “drafts.”  I start a thought and can’t seem to finish any of them.  Is that what they call “writer’s block”? In a sincere effort to help me, my husband has said the past few weeks as he’s leaving for work, “So you going to write today?”  Ha.  He’s… Read more →

Family Day Cover

The husband has the day off (it’s Family Day here in Canada…cool holiday, huh?) so we decided to record a bit. A lovely lady sent me this song last week and said it reminded her of Ry and I.  I think it’s so sweet.  Thank you, JJ Heller for writing such a adorable song! 🙂 Enjoy! Read more →

On feeling far from God

Have you ever felt far from God? I certainly have. In fact, I kinda do right now. Isn’t it sort of freeing to admit? Some would have a cliche response like: “Well…if you feel far away from God, He’s not the one that moved, you are.” Or maybe ask that question…”What have you done to feel far away?” (Yeah, like any of that… Read more →

Be kind to yourself

I will spare my lovely readers from any details but I had a turn for the worse this past week and was really.really.really. not feeling well.  The kind of not feeling well where you can’t even read (and folks, I always have a book going) to pass the time because you can’t concentrate. You don’t expect 8 months into marriage that your husband would be… Read more →