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Hitting Pause

I took some time to pause this morning. It’s been a busy few weeks. Two Saturdays in a row of traveling for us. Two Saturdays in a row of funerals for precious people -one from my family and one from Ry’s.  It’s interesting that, although these two men were intelligent and successful, the attributes that struck me to the core while we celebrated their… Read more →


Oh, this guy. This guy is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my 27 years of life and tomorrow it’ll be 2 years since I said yes to forever living my life with him. I thought I loved him that day I said “I do” but I didn’t compared to how much I do now. So much love it hurts, sometimes.… Read more →


If you could see my library of un-finished blog posts you’d see about eleven “drafts.”  I start a thought and can’t seem to finish any of them.  Is that what they call “writer’s block”? In a sincere effort to help me, my husband has said the past few weeks as he’s leaving for work, “So you going to write today?”  Ha.  He’s… Read more →

Family Day Cover

The husband has the day off (it’s Family Day here in Canada…cool holiday, huh?) so we decided to record a bit. A lovely lady sent me this song last week and said it reminded her of Ry and I.  I think it’s so sweet.  Thank you, JJ Heller for writing such a adorable song! 🙂 Enjoy! Read more →